How To Change Session Timeout in Joomla 3

If you are having issues with your Joomla session timing out while you are making edits in the backend, you need to change the Joomla session time.

The Joomla session is the time period which a user is idle in a Joomla website. For instance, if the Session Lifetime is set to 10, then it means that if the user hasn’t clicked or engaged with the site for 10 minutes, their session will expire and Joomla will logout the user automatically.  This means that the user have to login again in order to have access to the site.

Most of the time, changing their session timeout contribute to the website’s usability.

The default Joomla session lifetime 15 minutes.

How to change Joomla session’s lifetime

  • Login to your Joomla Administration panel
  • Navigate to System > Global Configuration
  • Move to the System Tab.
  • The Session Settings are at the bottom of your screen.
  • Note the Session Lifetime is in minutes. If you want a whole hour of a Session then you need to change that value to 60.
  • Once you change it, go ahead and click “Save”.

It is important to note that the session lifetime is for both the Joomla Frontend and the Backend.

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