How to Set a Static IP Address on Android Phone

Sometimes you may be looking for a way to set a static IP address on your Android phone.

There m when you want to use a different set of DNS servers than the default or maybe you need to specify a proxy address for a network that isn’t picked out by default. Also you may want to connect your phone to a service that requires specific IP address.

If yes, then I am going to take you through the steps for doing that. This method is for Android 7(Nougat). If you’re not running Nougat, but works fine on many older versions of android.

Please note you need to connect to the network first, before setting the static IP

Open the Network settings on your device.

Once there, long-press the network you want to set the IP for and tap Modify network.

Next, tap the Advanced options drop-down

Tap the IP settings drop-down, and select Static.

In the new window you are able to configure a proxy, an IP address, a gateway address, network prefix length, and two DNS servers.

When using static IP addresses on home and other private networks, they should be chosen from within the standard private IP address ranges listed: through through through

The Gateway should fill in automatically based on the IP address.  If not, copy the IP address and replace the last number with a 1. (In the example above:

 Once you’ve completed the setup, tap SAVE and your static IP address is good to go.

The device will automatically reconnect to the network, using the newly configured details.

That’s pretty much it

Every time you come back to that wireless network, the device will connect with that static address.

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