Set Windows 10 to ask for username and password during login

When logging in to Windows 10, it brings a login screen that prompts you for a password. If you have more than one user account in your Windows Operating System, you are supposed to click the user icon of the account you want and then enter the password associated with that account.

If you want to make Windows 10 ask you to type the username and password while logging in, you need to change some settings. This is a good privacy and security measure because for a person to log in, they must know both username and password.

Below are the steps to setting Windows 10 to ask for both username and password

  • Search for RUN in the search bar
  • Click top open the RUN menu. You can also Press Windows icon + R to open the run dialog
  • Type msc following in the Run box:
  • This will open the local Security Policy.
  • Navigate to Local Policies\Security options
  • On the right, scroll down to the option Interactive logon: Don’t display last user name.
  • Double click and set it to Enabled as shown below
  • Click Apply then Ok


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